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Update by user Sep 30, 2016


It all turned out great today.I am very happy with my crowns which were delivered and installed in pristine condition.

They are very attractive, and very comfortable.After all is said and done, I would attend Brio again, and recommend them to friends and family.

Thanks Brio!

Update by user Sep 30, 2016

I was given an explanation as to why I had to pay in advance, and that is because I was ordering a product that is rarely used anymore, and the lab did not have it in stock, so the cost had to be covered up front.Pissed consumer refused to post the full explanation from the dental assistant, Susan (that I included in my last update).

Pissed Consumer clearly wants to extort money from businesses and would not allow my first explanation which was a direct quote from Susan.So here I have paraphrased...I guess we'll see if that makes it to print.

Update by user Sep 26, 2016

Brio dental made me some new temporaries today and I made another payment towards the work still to be done.While I was surprised to suddenly be asked to pay almost entirely upfront, and was not happy to have my treatment delayed, at this point, things are going okay.

I actually think the Pissed Consumer head honcho is the one conducting shady business at other people's expense....literally! If you are looking into Brio Dental, keep in mind all the good things I've said about them, not just this one particular incident. I will post again when treatment is finished.

I will say that I was referred to Brio Dental by two friends who were both happy with their treatment.And I've spoken with other patients at the office personally, and haven't heard one negative thing....only positive :)

Update by user Sep 25, 2016

Pissed Consumer has also posted star ratings on items I never had a chance to rate.I didn't even see the bottom half, so they have automatically assigned one star.

My true opinion would give them more stars in most of the categories. See, there is such a thing as RETROSPECT. I do not understand how it behooves Pissed Consumer to disallow editing.

You make a grammatical error, a factual blip, an oversight, well Pissed Consumer says TOO BAD!!!Time to review Pissed Consumer!

Update by user Sep 25, 2016

First of all, Pissed Consumer should allow editing.It is a world wide web publication and the author is, after all, the AUTHOR.

So I want to clarify some things here.

When I first posted (when I was most scared and angry), I didn't realize that Pissed Consumer doesn't allow editing of text or photos. One must send them a formal, time consuming *notarized* request, at the reviewer's own expense. If I could edit this piece I would have changed the title to something like "Disconcerting experience at Brio Dental".

Also I would make clear that the timing on my crowns did take longer than expected, but that was, in part, due to the type of crown I wanted.

Some of them can be completed in three days.I do not believe however that my options were properly explained in the first place, resulting in the wrong crowns being delivered on the expected date.

I will post an update once the work has been completed.

Update by user Sep 24, 2016

At noon today I received a call from Susan, one of the administrative assistants.From day one of my initial contact with Brio Dental she has been thorough, timely, informative and diplomatic.

Thanks to her, the situation thus far has been resolved.

I will attend Monday, pay most (but not all) of the remaining balance and my crowns are to be ready friday.I will keep this review updated as things proceed and I will post pictures of the final product, including the certificate of analysis.

Update by user Sep 24, 2016

Still no reply from owner. I communicated my distress and concern and it seems he couldn't care less.

Update by user Sep 23, 2016

So the owner has still not responded.My teeth and gums continue to hurt.

I spoke to my uncle (lawyer) who advised I go ahead and pay upfront but get a signed statement of the work to be done, by when, and guaranteeing a certificate of materials stating the composition of the alloy is high noble elite II and the exact constituents.

Fair enough.I need the work finished so I offered this solution to the owner, who has still not replied to any of my messages.

Update by user Sep 23, 2016

I have now offered to show the owner a live view of my bank account proving I have the funds to pay.(Which I've never had to do before and is, frankly, insulting after travelling to El Paso from Canada, renting a hotel for over a week, showing up on time every day AND paying more than half the balance already, BEFORE the work has been completed).

He has still not replied to my texts, emails, or request to telephone me, and I provided all my contact information so he could, He is delaying my treatment, causing me to endure unnecessary stress, pain and extra expense. As well, my teeth have had the enamel filed off by his dentist so my teeth are now at risk of decay as the dentin is exposed. I informed him I am more than happy to forgive him for having a bad day and making an error in judgement. I have.

Haven't we all?I'm just asking him to rectify his mistake of prejudice and bullying.

Original review posted by user Sep 23, 2016

I paid upfront over half of my bill.(I paid $1200 upfront).

The balance was to be paid on delivery. My teeth were filed down to near nothing to accommodate crowns. Then the owner, an american who refused to disclose his name, demanded payment upfront for the whole bill before the final product was delivered. I asked him to call me to discuss this matter but he refused.

I am taking him to court. Don't go to Brio dental if you want honest work done. I spoke for several hours prior to the work being started, and was told it would take 3 days. It is now day 5 and they are telling me it will take another week, but only if I pay the balance upfront.

See the picture of how they have left my mouth. I need my molars to chew with.

As of right now I have pain and can eat on mushy food.Here's proof of what I've paid (not worth the filing of four teeth), texts stating the owner refuses to proceed without full payment (which they previously stated would be paid upon completion), and receipts proving what I have paid.

alyssapringle wrote the review because of problem with delivery at Brio Dental and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $1250 and wants Brio Dental to have the product delivered.

The most disappointing in user's experience was work not completed, failure to order product on time, owner ignored my calls emails and texts and owner demanded full payment prior to completing the services. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Brio Dental and brio dental dental crown service for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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